Tuesday, January 31, 2006

st. louis blues hockey

so i went to a st. louis blues hockey game last night (yes, it is true, st. louis still has a hockey team). it was my first live professional hockey game in 8 years, and it was as sweet as i remember it. after 2 periods of play it was tied 2-2. during the whole third period i was hoping that the score would stayed tied because the NHL has now instituted a shoot-out rule. the rule states that if the game is tied after three periods of play one overtime period of 5 minutes will be played, and if the score is still tied after overtime a shoot-out will occur. the blues pulled out the win in the shoot out, and yes, it was very exciting.
why am i bringing this up in the FBC blog you ask: well i think that it is high time that the shoot-out become more prevalent in everyday life. and what this means is we (as members of the FBC) need to figure out how we can create some sort of event on bicycles that involves a shoot-out. at first i was thinking of reviving the weekly bike polo game (which will happen as soon as it stays light out longer, or some one can find a playground, tennis court, etc... that has lights that we can turn on), but polo is not the answer to our shoot-out question because there are no goalies in polo, so that wont work. so please FBCer's i am asking you to rack your brains, we need to incorporate shoot-outs into a future rides and we need to figure out how. if you have any ideas post a comment or email me directly.
also i have stickers, FULL MOON FIASCO stickers to be exact, so come by the shop if you want a few, and if you can contribute to the sticker fund that would be greatly appriciated, becuase without your financal help i cannot make anymore.
some reminders: the first annual mound-city cyclocross race is sunday february 12 at 4pm and the PBR sponsered after party is at 8pm that evening at the hi-pointe. i have a shit-ton of flyers that need to be distributedso please email or post a comment if you want to pass some out.
full moon fiasco 10 is monday february 13 at 11pm at the hi-pointe cafe, meet at 10 or 10:30 for pre-ride libations.
bye bye

Friday, January 27, 2006

the despondant losers

never did publish the photo of the two that lost the derby, and i only say "lost" because as we all know "there are no points for second place"
bye bye

Monday, January 23, 2006

mound city cyclo-cross

i have some official news: the mound city cyclo-cross race is going to be sunday february 12, 2006 at 4:00 pm
there will be an after party at the hi pointe
that evening at 8:00pm
the after party is sponsered by PABST BLUE RIBBON.
there will be drink specials
there will be partying
there will be fun had by all
at this after party there will be the prize presentation for first second and third place. the prizes will not be the usual crappy FBC prizes, there are high class PBR prizes.
the route details will be announced as soon as they are avalible.
and you can ride anything that you want, and everyone is invited, so please tell everyone you know, and be sure that they tell everyone they know, because we want racers, spectators, after partiers, and general hanger-outers.
this is going to be sweet.
bye bye
ps. if anyone is interested in flyer distribution please comment or email, and let me know.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

FBC and PBR...

i am in talks with a representative from pabst blue ribbon. as some of you may know i tried this once before and it didn't work out becuase the rep i was talking to then was difficult, and seemingly uninterested. now i am working with someone new, and he seems to be really excited about working with (see: FREE BEER) the FBC.
what is in the works is this: i am trying to get PBR to sponser the up coming FBC cyclocross race on february 12th. and what they would do is throw us a sweet after party.
so what i need from all of you is this: particapation. i need you and all of your friends to either come and race or come and watch at the finish line, then go to the party. we need big numbers for this if we want cool stuff in the future (see: FREE BEER) from the folks over at pabst blue ribbon.
bye bye

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ok, ok, ok, i'll post

sorry this has taken me so long. you see, when you used to smoke alot of cigarettes and then suddenly dont smoke any, you usually dont feel like doing much except yelling and tearing peoples arms off.
so here it goes...
the night started like many other, at the hi-pointe wondering if anyone is going to show up. but then they do. they roll in, 35 or so, and then we start to head out. first we stop at the grocery so drunk-andy can buy a 7 dollar bottle of e.h. schnuck whiskey. it looked tasty. i had resigned myself to drinking no booze. you see if i do drink the booze it will lower my will power, and with low will power i would be an easy target for the dark maiden that is the cigarette, the tasty and smokey, and deadly cigarette.
after everyone got their provisions the mob headed down big bend going north. not 1/16th of a mile on to big bend eddies bike (not the one i have been working on thank you very much) starts to jump gears and skip and act like shit. since we are already at the back of the pack no one knows (except my lovely wife, who rode on to catch up) we are having a mechanical, and we get dropped. we take a quick look and decide that the bike is unridable and in my very best mood decide to go home. eddie then miraculously starts riding the bike skip and jump free. so we then high-tail it towards the pack. it is here that we run into a few smart and mild mannered washington univesity students (they pulled into campus, i am not saying that since they were douche-bags they had to be washington university students, although i would have said that if i hadnt met joe bushyhead, who indeed is not a douche-bag and therefore removes the generalization that all wash u students are douche-bags, and also allowes me to meet other wash u students and go into the reletionship realizing that they, in fact, may not be douche-bags) who drive next to us and yell "pussies" and they also yell "fags". now at this moment i am just riding along with my friend eddie, trying not to cause any trouble and catch up to the rest of the group, and in the interest of haste (and being out numbered 4 to 2) we ignore them and keep riding. we get to delmar and head east. the group is still ahead of us, i believe that they are outside of blueberry hill picking up a few riders. at the intersection of delmar and skinker we catch up all the way and the group is whole again. we ride some more blocks, and then run through a police sobriety check point. one cop asks as we pedal by "who is drunk?" and i believe there was some cheering, but they (the cops) did little to ruin our fun, they ley us ride through untouched and upright.
at this point i am cold, and in a very bad mood (nicotine withdrawl) and decide that i should in fact lead the group on a somewhat shorter than planned route. that get nixed. i get yelled at. and we proceed to union, the planned right turn. we head into the park on union. go to the top of the worlds fair pavilion and ride down the snow covered derby track. now as i just mentioned it was snow covered and i think that not everyone wanted to ride down it, but that is the way it goes.
we then regrouped ast the bottom of the hill, and disscussed which way to take out of the park. we decided on hampton to oakland.
for some reason we needed to regroup again at hampton, a mere 1/2 mile from the last regrouping. this is where zoo security came flying up the hill in their jeep and started yelling. they said that the park had a curfew and that we were blockingtraffic and that we should move on or he would be forced to call the city police. after some yelling, and unfortunatly, some insulting of the zoo cop we moved on. it was a nice mile or so back to the hi-pointe on oakland.
it was there that everyone decided on the plans for the rest of the night. and most went to an after party at eddies house.
i felt like going home and breaking something, but i just went to bed.
bye bye

Monday, January 16, 2006

cole said...

hey fuckers wheres the recap? i'll get you started, bikes, wiskey, sobroity check point, zoo cop, after party, free beers, someone calling me @ 5pm the next day after just waking up asking, if i knew how they got to be covered in blood and puke.

Friday, January 13, 2006

it's fucking snowing!

right now at 10:10am it is snowing outside my house. the fiasco is going to be sweet. although weather.com is saying that the snow/rain is going to stop around 6pm and it will be clear and chilly for the ride tonight. so get ready, find your gloves and hats, and maybe snow tires becuase this ride is going to be fun.
also there is going to be an after party. i know it is late after the fiasco but who doesnt want to stay up a little later. to find out the location of the after party you must finish the route, so i hope everyone plans on it.
bye bye

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

pre-fiasco fun= no fun

ok, so i got it all wrong, instead of celebrating critical mass, movie night at bike works is making fun of it. i have lived in communities where critical mass is a positive thing, and people come together monthly to enjoy riding and hanging out with each other, as well as make a statement about bicycles rights to roads and traffic. so i wasn't expecting irony. i was expecting positivity and the embracing of bike culture, but none of that was true.
see you folks at the hi-pointe.
friday the 13
10 or 10:30 for pre-ride libations.
bye bye

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

pre-fiasco fun

hey i think that i am going to go down to bike works (thurman and shanendoah) before (8pm) the fiasco (11pm) for some fun bike stuff. from what i understand there is gong to be movies and hanging out in order to celebrate critical mass. if anyone is interested in going with me comment or email or call or just go down there. i think there could also be some track stand, bunny hop, foot down type fun, so go there.
then onto the fiasco later that evening.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

some announcements (spelling error)

the full moon fiasco is friday january thirteenth. now as you may have known that is friday the 13. and being such a fate-filled date we are making a few adjustments: 1. costumes are encouraged (lee thought they should be mandatory, but i want everyone to feel good and un-peer-pressured). 2. this ride will have a populated route. we are going to ride past a couple of well known night club spots to hoot and hollar. it is going to be fun, and secret.
that is all i want to say about that.
the first annual FBC cyclo-cross race is going to be held sunday february 12 (that is the day before the february fiasco). the race is going to be a real cyclocross race with barriers and run-ups and grass and pavement, and off-camber stuff. however it is going to be a point to point. the race is going to start in tower grove park and finish in forest park. the two cross sections (tower grove and forest parks) are going to be mapped, but the ride between the two is going to be a free for all, any route you think is the fastest. so get ready. the exact starting location and corse map will be revealed shortly (next couple of weeks) so check back often, and tell all of your friends to come out and race with us.
bye bye

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

long live the FBC

hey the next full moon fiasco is friday january 13.
that's right, friday the fucking 13!
get ready!
it is going to be super!
bye bye
The Deth Trap really lived up to its name. Check out how far the front ended up from the back end.

I can die happy

Mike, you said it man. What a Fucking Day!
Jeff and I are actually quite pleased we got moved onto the grass.
here's some of my favorite photos.

Monday, January 02, 2006

the results/recap

well what a fucking day the first was. it was unbelievable. thrills and spills. cops and mudding. winners and losers. changes in plan. a roaring crowd. we had everything
as one o'clock approuched there were only two cars present, and the crowd was thickening. i was nervous. staring time struck and three cars were there. then rolling in 35 minutes late the todoraviches and bearded john showed with the last three cars. we had all six ready to rumble. jake with his military paint job 4-wheeler, cole on the gold cinder blocked pedal car, lee and jeff in the death wagon, peat and sandbox on the minimalist three wheeler, bearded john with his moped/shopping cart hybrid, and me and ben on "el presidente." we had a brief introduction of cars and were all set to race, then the fuzz showed up. the police had recieved a report of a "muddy red pick-up truck recklessly driving through the grass near the worlds fair pavilion" officer friendly saw what we were about to do and shut us down. no ammount of asking would have let the race proceed as planned. so we said screw it and pushed off to the grass hill on the other side of the pavilion.
although the cars were not designed for off road use the racing was fun anyway.
sandbox and peat took the first heat with a come from behind win over bearded john.
jake and micky easily took the win off of lee and jeff because the death wagon literally snapped into two pieces half way down the hill.
cole beat ben and i in a very slow contest, both cars were not meant to be in muddy grass at all, and it showed. the slowest race of the day by far.
round two: peat/sandbox and jake/mickey easily took the top two spots and cole barely finished.
the final round was decided by 6 inches. a very fast run, weaving in and out of trees, and a late burst by peat and sandbox. thrills people, straight thrills. but three wheels are clearly not better than four.
to announce the winner JAKE in the green lawn mower/wheel-barrow took the victory. however with the change in course he had to take on a pusher/passenger/partner. mickey was the walk-on co-champion. and as there prize the beautiful trophy (courtesy of lee) and the coveted 12 pack of pabst (courtesy of the FBC). we are all proud of our champs, way to bring it home boys.
bye bye

more pictures..

more pictures...

soap box pictures

i can only load 5 images at a time. so here sre the first five, a few of the cars for our unbelievable event.
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