Thursday, February 25, 2010


This Sunday night, February 28th 2010 is a full moon. If you want to commemorate the occasion by riding your bike, meet at Turtle Park around 10:30pm. If not, feel free to stay home.

We've got no plans yet for what to do and are more than open to suggestion. Bring some ideas and a hand to raise. We are gonna do this one by the seat of our pants and a show of hands.

We'll call it,

The Fucking Bike Club Presents Full Moon Fiasco #60: By A Show Of Hands.

Also Also, If anyone wants to make spoke cards, we'd love to let you.


Before I Got Sprayed by a Skunk

Monday, February 22, 2010

Inside the Outdoor Party Van

By a show of hands. Who here thinks the FBC is going in the right direction?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Friendly Reminder

This Saturday, February 20th, The Fucking Bike Club is towing a keg of beer to somewhere in Illinois and its going to be fun. Come join us at Turtle Park around 11:30am. The ride leaves at noon sharp. Dress warm.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


If the guy in the comments is hassling me for photos, please allow me to address his concerns.

LEE said:
"If you are asking about my photos, I only took a few. But the only good one is of me. Yeah. Ben took it at the weird drug soaked young south county juggalo-hippie party. I was shooting the duck with a beer in my hand. No, I look fucking sweet. I just don't want to put it on the blog. Well doesn't it seem a little self-indulgent to just post one picture for a whole Fiasco when It's just a picture of you?! Really? Well ok, maybe.

And actually there was one other kind of cool photo. I think its some kind of yoga thing, they were doing inside the Francis Park Handball court."


p.s. Might I suggest a little target practice. The Cold Ride To Somewhere is coming to Turtle Park on Saturday February 20th at noon.
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