Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Let me just say it now while it's fresh. The FBC is a great thing that just depends on fun loving people going for a bike ride when the moon is full. When the weather is good and 5,000 people show up it's crazy. When it's 10:15pm in February and the frozen grains of sand that are falling from the sky burn your face on the way down the Mackland hill, and both sets of your pants legs are soaked by the bottom, it's even better.  It's better because nineteen people drink seventeen $5 dollar pitchers of beer to the thirteen good songs on the bullshit internet jukebox at Foley's and get so wet on the ride home they might as well have jumped in a swimming pool. I love this club so much that I have to retire from making spokecards and blogging. If I don't we'll officially be in a greatest hits era. No matter what happens on June 23, 2013 if you love riding bikes show up at Turtle Park and go for a bike ride. On the ride be sure and say hello to someone you don't know.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Down to the Wire

Today is Monday February 25, 2013. Tonight your Fucking Bike Club will be riding its 97th contiguous Full Moon Fiasco. The weather is gonna be pretty good and the roads aren't too wet, so why not come out for a bike ride?

Only a few moons left until #100 and who knows what kind of weird shit is gonna happen after that. You should ride while the riding is good. Meet at Turtle Park at 10:30pm the rides leaves at 11:00pm sharp.

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