Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fiasco 17. We've Created a Monster

I know we hyped this ride as "Dance Party on Wheels," which is a great name, but I propose that from now on whenever we talk about this ride, we refer to it as "Full Moon Fiasco 17: The Fucking Bike Club and 110 of Its Closest Friends Hang Out in Parking Lots and Drink Beer." Or FMF17:TFBCa1oICFHiPLaDB if you are inclined to use acronyms.
This was far and away our biggest ride ever and all things considered it went pretty smoothly. We did have to contend with the closing of our ancestoral home drinking establishment. We did have our first actual run in with the police. We did get kicked out of the Ted Drewes parking lot by Bobby Q. Teenager. One other FBCer and myself did get rocks thrown at us. We did forget the marshmellows. We did not dance (with the exception of Lizzie). But most importantly we didn't not have fun.

Fun Fact: There are in existence somewhere in St. Louis 3 different versions of the Fiasco 17 spoke card.

On a related note, to give you all fair warning, from now on spoke cards will cost $1 so that my brother and I and everyone else that makes the cards can stop losing money. Any profit above what it cost us to make the cards will go directly to buy either, beer, or prizes for upcomming races and various FBC expenses. This does not mean that you have to pay to come on an FBC event. It does however mean that you should bring a dollar from your piggy bank if you want a spoke card for your collection.

Note: No canadian quarters. I am not a coin operated laundry machine. I will however take pennies.

Note: THE NEXT FIASCO WILL LEAVE FROM THE VFW HALL POST 3500 ON BIG BEND ROAD JUST SOUTH OF HIGHWAY 40. The beer there is very very cheap and there is plenty of room.

Hi-Pointe R.I.P.

Monday, September 18th is the Bloody Nose Rose Birthday Bash Bike Ride. Stay tuned for more details.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Fiasco 17 is in the planning stages. Please help.

Attention Dudes and Chicks,
Fiasco 17, "Dance Party on Wheels" is Thursday September 7th. We will still be leaving from the Hi-Pointe at 11:00p.m. (even though the bar will be closed) so that we do not lose anybody in the transition.

I need help finding a destination where the 50 of us can go and dance to some sweet Rock and Roll on a Thursday night. Pull any strings you can and let me know.

Also i need everybody who is able to, to strap a boombox (CD, or tape) on to their bikes. I already made three copies of one sweet ass dance party mix and i encourage all you FBCers to do the same and bring multiple copies to the ride. The idea is that no matter where you are in the pack everybody will be bicycle boogie-n to the same tunes at the same time.
let me know.
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