Wednesday, December 21, 2005

two dollar and fifty cent pitchers!

who's in?
tonight at the VFW on big bend.
drink and plan the next fiasco.
as well as talk shit for the up coming soap box derby.
it will be sweet.
and cheap.
hope to see you there.
bye bye

Friday, December 16, 2005

thrills, poker hands, and dirt cheap beer

congratulations to matt for winning the poker ride. three of a kind can take you very far in this world. i do have pictures of the winner drinking his prize (a warm can of "dirt cheap" beer) but in my haste to get to work this morning i did not upload the photos.
did you know that the hi-pointe has food now? yeah they do. and it is delicious. my pre-fiasco dinner was a buffalo burger paddy-melt with grilled onions and munster cheese on marble-fucking-rye. it was delicious. i also got a side of fries, they were good, they had pepper on them. so go eat food there.
then we went to mcgees. a crappy hippie bar with a crappy hippie band playing. and there was this funny older guy out front dancing in circles and wearing an ugly shirt, it was what it was. then we got a case of beer on the patio because even though the band is crappy and only plays grateful dead covers they still wanted five dollars at the door. i do have to say that i kind of got screwed on the whole case of beer thing. i know that i ordered it, and the fellow told me the price after he was already opening all the bottles, but i still got carges 72$ for it, and it did all get consumed. i know that some of you brought your own beers and some of you chipped in towards the case, but i still am 28$ short on that tab, so if you drank some of that beer and paid little or no money for it please kick me a couple/few bucks, it would help out a lot. that is the last that i will ever mention that.
one quick rant- if you are a cover band (playing some other person or bands material exclusivly) you should not be able to charge more than 1.50$ to see your show. i know that you needed to pay for your gear and transport and all of that, but fucking shit, hearing crappy covers of crappy originals does not warrent 5 dollars. done with that.
then on to the worlds fair pavilion, there was a stupid park ranger sitting there, so we pressed on to rosie's in the central west end. beer, booze, mayhem. picked up a few new riders and pressed on to the halo bar.
more booze and beer and mayhem
stickers got stuck and we enjoyed every minute ot it.
fun was had by most, and judging by the turn out (30 or so) the fiasco will stay populated through the winter.
so there you go.
bye bye
end note- the ground work for a "super fiasco" has been laid. it will not be until spring, but the idea is this- start the ride at bar time (1:30am) and ride untill dawn, and spoke cards are handed out upon completion. think about it. it wil be unbelievable.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

fuck the holidays...

who is ready to ride?
tonight is the night!
full moon fiasco eight.
bring all that you need.
remember: no spraying paint on things that arent yours.
we are leaving at 11:00pm sharp.
see you at the hi-pointe.
and if you want to contribute to the sticker/spoke card fund donations will be accepted.
bye bye

Monday, December 12, 2005

maybe it will be warm.....

the hi/low for thursday is looking pretty good at 46/29
it could be beautiful outside that night
i hope to get a good turn out
so there will be 5 stops (including the hi-pointe)
leaving from the hi-pointe at exactly 11:00pm
WF pavilion
blueberry hill
we stay only 15 minutes at each stop
because there is more riding to do
get ready, this is going to be a good one
lee, you should come home early

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Midnight Mystery Ride is no Fiasco

hello fucking friends!

friday night christine and i tagged along on portlands monthly midnight mystery ride. it was no fiasco that i can say for sure. they start their rides at a different bar every month and this month it start at the "world famous" kenton club, a bar not unlike bob's country bunker from the blues brothers. the highlight of the night was definately the band at the kenton club . it was a cover band that exclusively covered the rolling stones, led zepplin, and ACDC with the skill and grace of 5 eighth grade boys. the icing was that everyone in the band was at least 45 years old and apparently playing their first gig. the lead singer, when covering the stones, put on a shiny gold blazer and jagger swaggered around the empty bar pushing out his lips. the basist who had a wireless amp setup that was clearly not functional (read: he was not contributing ANY SOUND to the band) didnt seem to care and just danced around with his axe trying to psyche up the 11 people in attendence.

after witnessing "69 Camaro" (name made up by author) the ride was a total let down. the leader apparently had no idea where he was taking us and we ended up cruising around north portland's neighborhood roads never finding another open bar or liquor store. to sum up, the FBC could teach those mystery riders a thing or two about drunken late night bike rides. and if your looking for a band for your future wedding i could probably put you in touch with 69 camaro.


Friday, December 09, 2005

greetings from Oregon

hello FBCers

i write to you tonight from the place where the FBC was born, Portland OR. Tonight my special lady and i are going on a night ride, not unlike the fiasco, that we read about in the rose city's equivilant of the river front times. I'll be sure and let everybody on the ride know why the should move to the lou already and join the FBC.
in other news i got a job (very lucritive) answering letters for DIG BMX magazine and i'm totally psyched about it.
you havent heard the last of me!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i have the stickers...

anyone interested in obtaining their very own fucking bike club sticker should come by the shop.
or you can wait until the fiasco, but if you want to start representing before that come and get some.
the stickerrs are white with black writing, and the perfect size to fit onto the top tube (or down tube) of your bicycle, they are free to any and all, however if you would like to contribute to the sticker fund donations will be accepted.
and remember fiasco = poker ride come one come all.

Monday, December 05, 2005

where's everybody at?

dudes and dudets

kindly pull your heads out of your asses and make some posts. i've seen livelier discourse on the stlbiking message board!
i just got back from a big contest at the famous chengaworld skatepark in Cleveland. St. Louis local Andy "Butch" Chapman took the win in the expert contest and promises to come on a fiasco as soon as he takes his god damn skirt off.

in other news here is picture of Mr. T, a surly butcher, an FBC pumpkin, two pitbulls and some FBCers getting ready to shred some WINE-COLA!!!!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

full moon fiasco=poker ride

hey, here is a good idea- the next full moon fiasco is going to be a poker ride. for those that have never done a poker ride the rules are as follows: at the first stop (the hi-pointe) everyone will be issued one card from a standard deck. then there will be four quick stops at four seperate locations (bars, parks, street corners, etc...) and at each stop every person will be issued another playing card. at the end of all the stops the person with the best hand wins the prize. the best hand will be based on the first print-out i can find through googling "poker hands"
the stops have not been totally figured out yet, but due to weather and time constraints they probably wont be too far apart. maybe 1.hi-point 2.mcgees 3.worlds fair pavilion 4.rosies 5.blueberry hill but who knows, a lot can change in two weeks.
to recap: full moon fiasco = poker ride
leaves 11:00pm sharp!
thursday december 15, 2005
the hi-pointe
meet at 10 or 10:30 for pre-ride libations

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Behold, someone other than Michael.

I thought I'd make a post just to show you Fucking Bike Clubbers that our fearless leader has relinquished control and now is now a fucking website for the fucking people by the fucking people. Fucking. Just ask ole Mikey for the password which may or may not be his fucking birthday and you are in business. Let the pointless posting begin!

This is a picture of Cole and I getting rad. Contrary to what you might think it is actually much harder to be the hack monkey than the pilot!

trying something new

well FBCers, we are going to try something with this blog that could be amazing. i am freely giving out the user name and password to a few folks in order to diversify the content and points of view. so far the brothers todorovich have the code, email me if you want it, or post a comment in the comment section.
and remember thursday december 15 FULL MOON FIASCO EIGHT
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