Tuesday, November 29, 2005

all new information....

alright, how is everybody? well, i hope.
to business- full moon fiasco eight will be thursday december 15, 2005. this will be the last fiasco of 2005 and promises to be a doozie.
i was however regrettfully informed that lee will not be joining us this month, apparently he has obligations more important than his fucking bike club membership. his loss.
there will be a planning (and by planning i mean drinking) session at the big bend VFW wednesday november 30 at around 9pm. be there for FBC chit-chat and $2.50 pitchers of icey cold busch beer.
a reminder the fucking soap box derby is the first day of the new year, and i need to know how many cars are going to race, tell me soon if you plan to take part in the fun.
also there is a FBC cyclo-cross race in the works. mid january.

Monday, November 21, 2005

hey, i need replies

hey FBCers- i need to start collecting info on soap box cars. please let me know if you are planning to build a car. and let me know soon. like now. so post a comment on this blog, or email me through the "email the FBC" link to your right.

Friday, November 18, 2005

cold, gravity racing, free shots, cops

sorry it is a day late, but you know what they say, "i am fucking late, so what."
so we had an impressive turn out. 35 people, in fucking fridgid weather. that is pretty good. we had a slightly delayed starting time, but no one seemed to be bothered by it. once we got rolling it was sweet.as we proceeded to rocket-ship park there was some yelling about the route selection. some one just couldn't get over the short distence of this months ride. we will refer to him as l. todoroich. no that is to obvious, how about lee t. that's better. once the short ride got to its destination we all assembled at the to of the best sledding hill in stl and lined up for a gravity race. for those not in the know a gravity race is when everyone lines up atop a big hill and lifts up their feet and gravity will bring us a winner. for this race it was a grass hill, some ice, a few sink holes, darkness, and one giant cement covered man hole. cole won. cole won big. so big in fact i didn't bother to look back and see who got second. there was however some speculation of him cheating, but as it stands gravity racing is an honor-sport, and he says he didn't cheat and the FBC believes him.
then on tom cousin hugo's for beer and chanting. since we were the only ones in the bar we had the run of the place. there was large ammounts of booze ingested and the bartender (john, i think) gave everyone a free shot of schnapp's (thanks to the asking of DJ).
then on to white castle for cheeseburgers and police. there was a little spraypainting happening and the employees of white castle called the cops. the cops showed up arrested a couple people, and yelled at everyone else. at one point officer friendly asked if we were a cult. a cult. who joins a cult in this day and age? are we a cult. what the hell is that.
anyway, this is where i state the official FBC opinion on this matter- if you like to spray paint on stuff that is not yours please do it when you are not with a group of bike riders on a moon-light ride. the FBC is asking everyone, not just those involved to leave your spray paint at home. if we start bring attention to ourselves for things like this the cops may not leave us alone. and that will suck.
if you do things like this on future rides we will ask you nicely to stop, and then ask you nicely to never again be apart of our rides.
so to re-cap
gravity race
free shots
chees burgers
so there it is.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

it is fucking freezing

it is fucking freezing out there, but fuck it, we are going anyway. the wind-chill (a bull-shit weather device that i personally hold no stock in) is going to be 10 degrees, 10 fucking degrees.
to all of you FBCers out there getting ready to ride tonight i have this message, bundle up and get some whiskey. no matter the weather the full moon fiasco will proceed as planned. i realize that our numbers will dwindle. people will stay at home.


answer no to these questions.
say yes to having fun in the cold.
say yes to being a winter rider.

i will see you tonight at the hi-pointe
meet at 10 or 10:30pm
bicycle ride at 11:00pm




Tuesday, November 15, 2005

updates and such

well, there has been some interest in the the derby, but now i need everyone planning on racing to email me with all of the pertinent information: racers, team name, car name, and such. you can email me through the "email the FBC" link to your right. i am putting a cap at twenty cars, so please get your info in early, deadline is december 17.

looks like the FBC is running shit down at the st. peters BMX track:

text quoted from lee's email
"so michael,
we went bmx racing last night and had a total blast.
The FBC's own Lee "Mr. Awesome" Todorovich took the
win in 19-27 novice and i attribute all my success to
drunken cross training on my ten speed with the FBC. I
won the first moto and advanced to main. then in the
main got a shitty start but caught up in time to
almost put Andy Chapman over the berm in turn #2 and
despite nearly going face first into one of the
rollers in the final strait held off Sam Schulte in a
photo finish at the chalk.
FBC day at the BMX track? admission is only seven
bucks for your first time."

now doesnt that sound sweet.
if anyone wants to put that together i would go.
also, tommarow night (wednesday nov. 16), full moon fiasco seven
all of you should come, rain or shine, and bring everyone you know.

Monday, November 07, 2005

amendment to the rules!

instead of brackets won by best time, each bracket will be a head to head battle royale with both cars from the heat on course at the same time. this is where the 25 meters of pushing will be very helpful to get the better line through the road.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

the great soap box derby

ok, so here it is.....

january first
1:00 pm
world's fair pavilion
forest park

the rules: 50 dollars is the maximum ammount a team can spend on a car.
the car must have at least three wheels.

the suggestions: the car should have a working steering column, there is a turn on course.
the car should have brakes.

the course: twenty-five meters of pushing on flat straight away. about 250 meters of down hill with a big sweeping right hand turn.

the race set up: the race will be a bracket style, so you will be racing every round against one other team (one car on course at a time), best time moves on to next round. there will be a losers bracket.

teams: it is a good idea to have teams of two or more for this event. as many team members as the team deems nessacery may ride in the car for the whole course. all team members that push the car in the first 25 meters must be in the car for the remainder of the race.

entry: the entry fee is five dollars per car, not per person.
all entries must be in writting and accompinied with the requisite five dollars and have a list of team name, car name, and all team members.
all entries must be given to me by saturday december 17, 2005.

this is going to kick ass, tell everyone you know that they should build a car.

Friday, November 04, 2005

its fucking official!

the great FBC soap box derby is set.
1:00 PM

rules: three wheels or more
fifty bucks or less

suggestions: brakes

otherwise it is up to you, bring the pain.
this event is going to be the most amazing thing any of us have ever done.
im out

Thursday, November 03, 2005

what do you folks think....

i was thinking that the FBC should have a soap-box derby. what do you think?
the rules would be as follows: three wheels or more, total cost less than 50 dollars. thats it. one should also keep in mind that the course will have a turn in it, so the derby car should be able to steer and brake.
send back your comments.

the planning session...

well we (cole, peat, bobby, and me) planned our asses off, and also got hammered. those veterns of foriegn wars sure can pour a cheap pitcher (2.50$ busch!). the next fiasco is going to rule. there are two routes that we are still considering, and they both kick ass. there will be another race this month as well.
so gear up, and get ready.
wednesday november 16
i am also hoping that the stickers will be ready by then as well.
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