Friday, November 18, 2005

cold, gravity racing, free shots, cops

sorry it is a day late, but you know what they say, "i am fucking late, so what."
so we had an impressive turn out. 35 people, in fucking fridgid weather. that is pretty good. we had a slightly delayed starting time, but no one seemed to be bothered by it. once we got rolling it was we proceeded to rocket-ship park there was some yelling about the route selection. some one just couldn't get over the short distence of this months ride. we will refer to him as l. todoroich. no that is to obvious, how about lee t. that's better. once the short ride got to its destination we all assembled at the to of the best sledding hill in stl and lined up for a gravity race. for those not in the know a gravity race is when everyone lines up atop a big hill and lifts up their feet and gravity will bring us a winner. for this race it was a grass hill, some ice, a few sink holes, darkness, and one giant cement covered man hole. cole won. cole won big. so big in fact i didn't bother to look back and see who got second. there was however some speculation of him cheating, but as it stands gravity racing is an honor-sport, and he says he didn't cheat and the FBC believes him.
then on tom cousin hugo's for beer and chanting. since we were the only ones in the bar we had the run of the place. there was large ammounts of booze ingested and the bartender (john, i think) gave everyone a free shot of schnapp's (thanks to the asking of DJ).
then on to white castle for cheeseburgers and police. there was a little spraypainting happening and the employees of white castle called the cops. the cops showed up arrested a couple people, and yelled at everyone else. at one point officer friendly asked if we were a cult. a cult. who joins a cult in this day and age? are we a cult. what the hell is that.
anyway, this is where i state the official FBC opinion on this matter- if you like to spray paint on stuff that is not yours please do it when you are not with a group of bike riders on a moon-light ride. the FBC is asking everyone, not just those involved to leave your spray paint at home. if we start bring attention to ourselves for things like this the cops may not leave us alone. and that will suck.
if you do things like this on future rides we will ask you nicely to stop, and then ask you nicely to never again be apart of our rides.
so to re-cap
gravity race
free shots
chees burgers
so there it is.


Anonymous L todorovich... er Lee T said...

if i had my way we'd all still be pedaling.

November 18, 2005 3:42 PM  

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