Sunday, November 06, 2005

the great soap box derby

ok, so here it is.....

january first
1:00 pm
world's fair pavilion
forest park

the rules: 50 dollars is the maximum ammount a team can spend on a car.
the car must have at least three wheels.

the suggestions: the car should have a working steering column, there is a turn on course.
the car should have brakes.

the course: twenty-five meters of pushing on flat straight away. about 250 meters of down hill with a big sweeping right hand turn.

the race set up: the race will be a bracket style, so you will be racing every round against one other team (one car on course at a time), best time moves on to next round. there will be a losers bracket.

teams: it is a good idea to have teams of two or more for this event. as many team members as the team deems nessacery may ride in the car for the whole course. all team members that push the car in the first 25 meters must be in the car for the remainder of the race.

entry: the entry fee is five dollars per car, not per person.
all entries must be in writting and accompinied with the requisite five dollars and have a list of team name, car name, and all team members.
all entries must be given to me by saturday december 17, 2005.

this is going to kick ass, tell everyone you know that they should build a car.


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