Tuesday, November 15, 2005

updates and such

well, there has been some interest in the the derby, but now i need everyone planning on racing to email me with all of the pertinent information: racers, team name, car name, and such. you can email me through the "email the FBC" link to your right. i am putting a cap at twenty cars, so please get your info in early, deadline is december 17.

looks like the FBC is running shit down at the st. peters BMX track:

text quoted from lee's email
"so michael,
we went bmx racing last night and had a total blast.
The FBC's own Lee "Mr. Awesome" Todorovich took the
win in 19-27 novice and i attribute all my success to
drunken cross training on my ten speed with the FBC. I
won the first moto and advanced to main. then in the
main got a shitty start but caught up in time to
almost put Andy Chapman over the berm in turn #2 and
despite nearly going face first into one of the
rollers in the final strait held off Sam Schulte in a
photo finish at the chalk.
FBC day at the BMX track? admission is only seven
bucks for your first time."

now doesnt that sound sweet.
if anyone wants to put that together i would go.
also, tommarow night (wednesday nov. 16), full moon fiasco seven
all of you should come, rain or shine, and bring everyone you know.


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