Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Night to Remember

Full Moon Fiasco 25: FBC Prom is this wednesday, May 2nd.

Put on your tux, take your date out for a romantic dinner and meet up with the FBC at the VFW hall on Big Bend before 9:00 PM. We will be leaving the VFW at 9:00pm sharp, don't miss out.

We have a great location all set up for the dance, Jim Utz will be providing the tunes and where we're going there is no last call. As for drinks at the prom you have two options:
2) for $5 there is all you can drink Schlafly beer until our 150 beer supply runs out. The $5 for all you can drink Schlafly is a donation. All of the money goes to sending a cute little African male nurse through anesthesiology school in Nigeria. Seriously. His name is Prince and he has a lazy eye. Christine met him this summer when she was volunteering at a hospital in Nigeria. His tuition for the entire time he would spend in school is only $3,000. Christine has already almost raised all the money and with your help, and the donated beer from Schlafly, we can help this cute little guy help other cute little guys.
You'd be an idiot to miss out on this ride. Dress to impress, call in to work on Thursday, send an African murse to medical school and have A Night to Remember with The Fucking Bike Club.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Read This!

Hello FBC,

We are frantically trying to finalize all the details for Full Moon Fiasco 25: FBC Prom, which is next wednesday, May 2nd. So far I can only tell you that 1) its going to be totally awesome and 2) its going to be totally awesome.

This ride is going to be a little different than usual. For one, its going to start earlier. We are going to meet at The VFW hall on big bend a little south of highway forty at 9:00pm sharp. My vision for this event is that you would arrive at the VFW only after having a pre-prom dinner with your date and a few other couples. From the VFW we are going to ride as a group to the prom venue where we will dance and romance until last call. From there whoever is up for it will almost certainly then go on a much less organized ride to somewhere that serves drinks until three. Seriously, take off work on Thursday, this is going to be totally awesome.

I'll make another post with the final plans a little later this week.


Shannon wanted me to let you know about an open bike shop she is having at CAMP on Cherokee street every Thursday night. Shannon said:

"I'm hosting an open shop at the SWEAT bike shop at CAMP, every Thursday evening from 7-10. I'll be in the garage with my tool belt and I am happy to help anybody with their bike problems, or to help you learn to work on any bike in the shop. Or you can just show up and do your own bike thing. Other mechanically inclined people are totally welcome to come and just geek out/talk bikes/improvise. All skill levels and lack-there-of invited!

3022-3026 Cherokee, in the back yard.

also... we can also watch bike movies after 10. bring bike movies.My advice, don't show till 8 this coming thursday."



Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FREE LUNCH! If you can use a wrench, or paint brush, or shovel

Kris Mosby's sister suggests that we do something for someone other than ourselves for once. She sent this information on how to do that and still get a free lunch. Plus it doesn't say anything about not drinking beer while volunteering. This saturday at CAMP, home of some of your fellow FBCers.


STL Southside Volunteers Needed:
Come be a volunteer during St. Louis Serves Day!!! Free lunch provided for all volunteers... We need volunteers to come and serve at several locations, but particularly at CAMP (Community Arts and Media Project).

Volunteers will split into four teams:
Team 1: Bike Shop- The first team will spend the morning organizing and cleaning the bike shop and stripping bike frames for parts. The kid’s program will be in the afternoon, where volunteers will help assist neighborhood kids with bike repairs. Some familiarity with bike tools is helpful, but not necessary; we can show you what to do.
Team 2: Murals- Several murals in the public spaces are underway and will need more painting. No special skills required (Full or half day).
Team 3: Community Garden- A variety of tasks will be needed in the garden, from transplanting starts, to weeding, building a larger compost bin, to turning new beds.
Team 4: Computer lab/library- The public computer lab and library requires setting it up before it is opened, this will include putting up shelves, sorting books, moving computers (no special knowledge required), etc. (Full or half day)
If interested in volunteering please contact Courtney at: and I can send you more detailed information. Thanks!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We're Gettin Good at This

You know why full moon bike rides are so much fun? Neither do I exactly. But they are. Look at these pictures. Looks like fun right?

An extra special thanks to Jim Utz for shredding the 1's and 2's and giving us all good reason to bust out our sweetest dance moves.

The FBC will be having more fun next month. Full Moon Fiasco #25 is FBC Prom. Formal attire strongly recommended. Spare no expense people this is a night you will remember for the rest of your life. Just be sure to use protection.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Start the Work Week Off Right

Join your Fucking Bike Club for another wacky Full Moon Fiasco Monday, April 2nd. We are leaving from Pat's, maybe for the last time, at 11:00pm sharp.

According to those knowledgeable farmers over at the Farmer's Almanac this is a pink moon. What does that mean? Who the hell knows. But if you feel like wearing the color pink that is definitely not discouraged. See you there.

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