Friday, March 23, 2012

Alley Cat Race Saturday!

SpokedSTL  is putting on another alley cat race this Saturday March 24th. If you feel like racing come on down to the Handlebar Saturday night. Registration opens at 5:00pm the race starts at 7:15pm. It cost $7 to race and there will be prizes for the podium as well as door prizes and giveaways throughout the night.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I Remember Aprilween/ The End Is Near/ Photo Dump

First let me remind you that, as a Lifetime Member For Life in The Fucking Bike Club when spring rolls around and the birds start chirping, you should instinctively start planning your Aprilween costume. Because when the moon is full in April and you show up at Turtle Park you had better be in costume and on a bicycle. If you can't be bothered to throw together something that passes for a Halloween costume, we don't wand you in this club!  This years Aprilween is scheduled for Friday April 6th. Meet at Turtle Park around 10pm, the ride leaves at 11pm sharp.


Second,  Full Moon Fiasco #100 is on the horizon. It will be the Final Fiasco in its current form. Prepare yourself for this fact.

Third, Here are a couple pictures from the last few Full Moon Fiascoes.

Fiasco #83: Dog in a Backpack
 Full Moon Fiasco #84: Shitty Weather

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Full Worm

The 85th Full Moon Fiasco promises to be a rockin' good time. Join your Fucking Bike Club Thursday, March 8th, around 10:30pm. The ride leaves at 11 o'clock sharp.

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