Monday, April 28, 2008

Malted Hopps and Bong Resin

Its been over a week since the FBC took to the streets for Full Moon Fiasco #37: Bike Ride on Grass. While we didn't actually touch tire to grass along the route, judging by the smell of air their were plenty of FBC Lifetime Members For Life riding on grass.

The weather was temperate and the turn out was ample. Peat counted 140 plus as we pedaled a meandering route that ended up at a bar for extremely cheap beers. The ride was a little on the short side this month. Don't get used to. As the weather improves the rides get longer and fiasco-er and sweatier.

Next Months ride is FBC Prom. We are meeting Monday May 19th at the Turtle Park at 7:00pm. Thats right 7:00pm. Dressing up is required and spoke cards will be two dollars to help Rose recoup the expenses incurred while setting everything up. I promise I will take some pictures.

Expect a post in the next day or so with an opportunity to pick the prom theme.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nice Night For a Bike Ride

Wednesday night April 16th (tomorrow) Chris Meister is leading whoever wants to follow on a bike ride. Meet up at A&M Cycles on the corner of Arsenal and Morganford before 9pm. The plan is to ride up the riverfront trail to a sweet bonfire spot, build a fire and have some fun. The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow don't miss out.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Prom Committee

We found our venue. Prom is going to be at Off Broadway. We still meet at Turtle Park on Monday evening May 19th. The exact time is yet to be decided, but Prom will start much earlier than a regular Fiasco. If you work nights you may need to take the night off.

The one and only Miss Babe, L. Rose Bland, has formed the FBC prom committee and is looking for other members. Responsibilities of the committee will be to discuss theme ideas, entertainment and refreshments. If you are interested in joining the committee, or have an idea for the prom theme leave a messege in the comments section. I still think that 'A Night In The Gymnasium' is an excellent theme idea.

Also, don't forget about Full Moon Fiasco #37: Bike Ride on Grass, Sunday April 20. Meet at Turtle Park before 11pm. Its a stoner theme and a we may be doing some light off roading.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Three Things

1) 'Full Moon Fiasco 37: Bike Ride on Grass' is Sunday April 20th.

Dress like a stoner, if thats not how you always dress, bring Munchies and keep in mind we might be doing some riding in the grass. Bonus points for the best looking famous stoner costume. Cheech and Chong, The Dude, Snoop Dogg and The Red Headed Stranger are all encouraged, but I call Kris Mosby can't show up as Bob Marley.

2) Phil Valko sent me an email about an opportunity to design a pro-bicycle T-shirt that will be sold at Earth Day to benefit Trail net. If anyone is interested in seeing their art work on a T-shirt get in touch with Phil for the details. Phil's email is

3) Next month's Fiasco is going to be FBC Prom '08. Mark your Calendars. May 19th is a Monday night, but the prom ride starts earlier than a normal fiasco so you chumps with jobs should still be able to attend. If anyone has any leads on a cheap venue I'm all ears.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Its Always a Party, Rarely a Race.

Its no ones fault but my own that I had to go home early after Fiasco 36. But I'm still pissed about it.

Beneath a logo-less moon we snaked our way through south city to Carondelet Park for a night at the races. The race was one lap around the Carondelet Park criterion course that the racers do on Tuesday nights in the summer. We had different classes for different bike set ups so that everyone got a fair chance at the podium. There was no official USCF time keeper on hand so all records are unsanctioned but from what I remember the FBC was setting some blistering times. Special mention goes out the FBCer who destroyed the old record for fastest lap while smoking a pipe. Congratulations to all the racers who participated.

After the races I reluctantly went home. But the FBC kept on. Several members went on to explore East St. Louis until lunchtime on Saturday. Well done FBC, well done.
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