Tuesday, August 30, 2005

from the alpe' de southwest hill climb challenge

this is the bike pile after the hill climb challenge a few weeks ago, pretty sweet.

my first day in the modern world

well the fbc has gone technical, we are on the inter-web.

the FBC is a global bike club dedicated to bicycles, beer, and mayhem.
the only membership requirements are the participation in one of the rides, and not being an asshole.
the full moon fiasco is our flagship ride. it happens every full moon. we meet at 10:30, drink, then ride at 11:30 or 12:00. the route changes every month, and it (the route) is determined the night of the event.
we also hold races once a month or so. details for those can be found here, or from the mouth of one of our other members.

anyway quick news- the great race around forest park will be held sunday sept 11 @ 5:30 pm
-the race will consist of a la mans start and one lap around the great park, winner take all.
meet at the north-east corner of skinker and clayton road at 5:30 race to follow
-the next full moon fiasco is sun sept 18
-meet at 10:30 pm at the hi-pointe (clayton and skinker) for pre-ride booze, ride to follow at
at 11:30 or so.
-route to be determined

this web-site is also a platform for me to say what ever the fuck that i want to say.
i hope that all of you read it regularly, and get upset when there isnt a new post.
thank you very much.
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