Tuesday, February 21, 2006

race numbers and the what-not.

hey michael here,
i need to know what your race number was from the cyclocross race. these numbers are to act as your permanant FBC race number. this is so we can have a permanant record once racing season kicks into high gear (spring/summer). and by high gear i am thinking a race seris. you know multiple races (between 6 and 10) with individule (spelling error, thanks jim) winners and over-all winners. so look into your spokes, see what the number is, and either email the FBC or comment on this post. also if you did not race the cyclocross race and therefore did not get a number they will be made avalible before every race. but please do not lose them.
so there it is.
long live the FBC

Monday, February 20, 2006

what? ride bikes and shoot bb guns?

So I need some bb guns for the fbc biatholon (no idea how to spell that) so if you have a bb gun we can use let us know. Its gonna be a three and a half lap race each lap being a roughly a mile and you will have to shoot a can with a bb gun in between each lap. You might also have to chug a beer that is to be decided. Date is still unknown cough up them firearms so we get this in action.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

fiasco 10

Fiasco ten was a sucess with something like 30 people showing up despite thier being no post on the site and the cyclecross the day before. It was suprisingly nice out so after we had an informal sprint up the southwest hill. we took the long way to the royal. Not a crazy ride, but a fun one.

Monday, February 13, 2006

i lost the race... and a toe.

i lost.
big surprise.
jim won.
peat went around the wrong lake,
and then the right one,
and still beat most everybody.
cole and lee's dad raced.
it was very cold.
i think i have frost-bite
the race was very hard.
twenty-seven racers raced.
ben got second.
that goes to show what fitness can do.
steven got third.
maybe he should have gotten second.
he missed the last turn.
sandbox officiated.
megan, hermann, and patrick marshaled.
upon winning jim vomited.
upon racing lee almost vomited.
half broken picnic benches soon become broken picnic benches.
picnic benches make wonderful barriers.
cyclocross is a wonderful sport.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

tomorrow we ride.

it is snowing right now and it is supposed to snow sunday, and the high for tomorrow has been steadily dropping all week, right now it is sitting at 32^F.
we are fucking racing anyway!
weather cannot stop us!
i hope that the rest of you feel the same.
try to be at the starting-line by 3:30 because we are trying to start promptly at 4:00pm.
and remember if you do not race you can still come to the after party.
bye bye

Thursday, February 02, 2006

mound city cyclocross; routes and rules

ok, so this is how it is going to work:
the race is going to start a 4:00PM sunday february 12, 2006. please arrive at least 1/2 hour early.
the starting line is the southeast corner of tower grove park (arsenal and grand). at the starting line everyone is going to get a map of forest park, and a race number, then everyone will study their maps of forest park, then the race will begin. everyone will start at the same time (there are no separate classes for different types of bikes) and head west through tower grove park. every racer must stay on the grass in the park. when crossing pavement is mandatory the shortest route across will be taken. when racers get to kingshighway they may exit the park, no one can exit the park before kingshighway. the race will then proceed to forest park. there is no pre-determined route to forest park. each racer may take the route that they deem the fastest. entry into forest park may happen any where as well, however, there are four pre-determined sections within forest park. section one will be around the lake in the southeast corner of the park (kingshighway and highway 40). section two will be the worlds fair pavilion hill. section three will be the walking path through the john F. kennedy memorial forest. section four is the finish line, which will be in the southwest corner of the park (clayton road and skinker). the sections must be taken in order, and all sections must be completed to win. the riding between the sections has no predetermined route, so the racer again can chose their own way through.
there will be course marshals at the beginning of each section in forest park. when you pass the marshall yell out your race number. this is going to insure that the winner cleared all four sections.
there are no restrictions as to bike selection, anything can be ridden. there are no restrictions as to who may ride, everyone is invited (and please bring your friends). spectators should gather at the finish, because that is where the hanging out is going to happen.
after the race we are going to hang out for a while in the park, then proceed across the street to the hi-pointe cafe. this is where the after party is going to happen. pabst blue ribbon and the fucking bike club and the hi-pointe are all in cahoots on this one. there will be drink specials, there will be a prize presentation for the winner of the race, there will be fun had by all.

i still need a couple course marshals, so if you are not planning on racing, or know someone who is not planning on racing let me know if you or they want to help out (the fbc will make it worth your while).
so there you go.
bye bye
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