Friday, October 26, 2007

Rain or Shine, Hurricane or Wild Fire.

If the moon is full the FBC will ride no matter the weather. In the event of an arctic squall or locust infestation the ride will just be a little shorter. That being said, meet at Turtle Park before 11pm and bring some beers, we will not be stopping at the liquor store right off the bat.

The Bike Show is being held at the Humbolt South Shelter(East of Center Cut)in Tower Grove Park. It is an all day event, noon until dark. Bring Your Own Everything.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fiasco #31 and The FBC Bike Show.

Friday, October 26th: Full Moon Fiasco #31. We leave Turtle Park at 11:00pm sharp.

Saturday, October 27th: Hangovers be damned. Bring your coolest, oldest, funnest, interesting-est bikes and join the FBC in Tower Grove Park, for the first ever FBC Bike Show, Swap Meet and Ally Cat Race.

We reserved a big pavilion on the Arsenal side of Tower Grove, with a beer permit, and bar-be-que pits. The idea is that everyone should bring out their coolest bikes, any bikes or parts they want to sell, beer and food and come hang out in the park with the FBC.

Cole and I are going to bringing a BMX sidehack, some tall bikes and other bikes of interest for everyone to ride. There may even be an obstacle course of some kind, as well as sharpie tattoos, beer drinking and grilled sausages.

As if all that wasn't enough, Ryan is organizing an Alley Cat Race to take place sometime that afternoon.

Its gonna be a great day. Only a douche bag would miss it.
You're not a douche bag, are you?
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