Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fiasco #21

Wednesday, January 3rd. We leave from Pat's across from the turtle park at 11pm sharp.

Kareoke anyone?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

High end FREE BEER?

Mesa Cycles is having a cycling photo exhibit (with free new belgium beer, whoohoo) from 6-10 pm this Saturday 16th. Get hammered and talk high end componentry. You know it's fun. 1035 S. Big Bend

this was posted on the fbc page, i think its a great idea for the fbc to have its presence felt at this event. THERES FREE BEER! so go there and then well go ride somewhere! BIKES!

also camp/ SWEAT SHOP is sorting bike tommarow (friday the 15th) and they need help starts at 1pm.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No Stops?

The night was brisk and spirits were high. Joe Deko came along and showed us all how it's done. Apparently, its done with battery powered LED festivis lights and Peace Core issue Mongolian Snow Boots.

With an Assistant D.A. at the helm the FBC traced a twinkling path through the surface streets of St. Louis. The roads were clear except for the occasional patch of black ice or hilariously misinformed police officer calling for us to ride on the side walk. We made it all the way from Pat's to The Way Out Club without a single stop for libations. I attribute this to two things: 1. In extremely cold weather beer does not get warm, and 2. Joe Deko.

At The Way Out, our bikes got to come inside and party with us. The Juke Box stole 50 cents that I took from Joe. There was a brief but inspiring display of Pop-locking. Peat and Brad shared a spontaneous moment under the Busch Beer Misletoe Wreath. And somebody said, "My only plan for New Year's is to try and have sex with my ex-girlfriend."

We left the bar in uncharacteristic unity and had just as much fun riding home. There were several joyous rounds of "You're a Grand Old Flag" and the Hot Damn was passed with great merriment. It's another Festivis miracle!


P.S. Friday night The FBC will be riding to an art show on Cherokee Street featuring beautiful and thought provoking pieces of art from FBCer's Mosby, Lizzie and Ern. I heard that art shows have free wine and beer, and if your lucky, cheese and crackers. Where wouldn't I go for free Beer and Cheese?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fiasco #20 tonight.

Strap a million lights to your bike and come on out. I guarantee that the beer will be cold even if you forget your offical FBC can coozy.

We leave from Pat's across from the turtle park at 11:00pm sharp.

Rides like this seperate the real FBCers from the other real FBCers.

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