Saturday, March 18, 2006

a couple things to think about...

i will put these in chronological order....
friday march 24 is my birthday and i am going to ride bikes from bar to bar until the night is over. we will start at the hi-pointe at 8:30pm, then the royal, then the tin-can, then whereever else i want to go because its my birthday. if you want to go please come, it will kick ass.
sunday april 2 is day-light-savings and we are playing bike polo god-dammit. 5:30pm the games begin. we are going to play at the dewey school in dogtown. all you need is a bike (and maybe some beer), i will supply the mallets and the ball (and maybe some beer). this game is played on concrete, it is fast and fun, you should come, it also will kick ass.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


PEAT's bike lost the nut that attaches the crank arm to the sprocket after we left the bar and accordingly lost the ability to propel itself forward by pedaling. the always resourceful peat ended up scootering himself all the way back from downtown at a blistering pace.

fiasco #11 gone but not forgoten

Well #11 was everything i expected and more. the more turned out to be three lengthy flat tire changes with insufficient beer to pass the down time. Let us learn from this fucking bike clubbers. never again let us be caught unprepared. when leaving the hi-pointe lets model ourselves after the boy scouts and their fondness for beer, preparedness and child molestation (child molestation is optional).

The route on this ride was one of our bests. The luxurious wide lanes of the unopened forest park parkway. With not a lick of traffic on our tails there was plenty of weaving between cones and barrels. an unforseen benefit of this course was the unpaved cyclo cross section from skinker to debaliver that may or may not have been responsible for Joe's flat tire.

From the parkway we continued on market to downtown where we ended up at the always questionable RUE 13. The beers were cheap but the chodes were plentyful and there wasnt even a bathroom attendant on duty. At one point just before we left i inadvertantly stole about 20 oz of Sake when i filled up my water bottle with a pitcher of clear liquid from the bar that to my surprise was definately not water. Who knew i was such an excellent theif. after pouring it down the sink and getting some actual water we were on our way back again.

somewhere before reaching jefferson Mosby took out Andy Brockman and knocked himself silly. Andy's wheel was expertly beaten back to round by professional bike mechanic Greg but there was no easy fix for the concussed Mosby. The decision was made to call a ride for kris but he promptly refused to take it and then swerved and weaved his way back home and the empty pickup truck returned to whence it came.

excellent weather, superb turn out, bitchin fiasco
(bitchin fiasco, bitchin fiasco donuts on your lawn!)

yep, LEE

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

tonight we RIDE!

I have strepped throat(sp) and i saw peat last night limbing with torn pants. its gonna be a good one. 11pm we leave from the hipoint.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

one foot of snow

i am in flagstaff arizona right now, and there is a foot of snow on the ground, and it is still coming. my wife is in an interview right now and i am bored, so i made this.
some of us were talking at the hi-pointe the other night and asked ourselves how sweet would it be if we had two thumbs?, and how sweet would that be for the FBC?. well there it is. some more garbage from michael.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

fbc myspace page

so we have a myspace page now. go there to be our friend and listen to bad brains.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

full moon fiasco 11 and so on

March 14 a tuesday will be full moon fiasco 11. Leaves from the hi point at 11 as always. For some reason calendars can't seem to agree on the dates for full moons. I found a farmers almanac on google and got a list. I'm gonna make flyers soon with the list until the end of the year so their is no confusion,
March 14 TU
April 13 Th
May 13 Sa
June 11 Su
July 10 M
August 9 W
Septemper 7 Th
October 6 F
November 5 Su
December 4 M
heres a pic of babies underwater
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