Tuesday, March 07, 2006

full moon fiasco 11 and so on

March 14 a tuesday will be full moon fiasco 11. Leaves from the hi point at 11 as always. For some reason calendars can't seem to agree on the dates for full moons. I found a farmers almanac on google and got a list. I'm gonna make flyers soon with the list until the end of the year so their is no confusion,
March 14 TU
April 13 Th
May 13 Sa
June 11 Su
July 10 M
August 9 W
Septemper 7 Th
October 6 F
November 5 Su
December 4 M
heres a pic of babies underwater
Take it


Anonymous lee said...

I wish there was some Autisitic guy in the FBC that we could use in the place of a calender.

what day of the week is Fiasco #3122?

March 08, 2006 5:31 PM  

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