Monday, October 31, 2005

halloween was a hoot!

well we all survived (to the best of my knolwledge) halloween. the turn out was not great, and it was pretty cold, but we had fun anyway. the tire-less bike race was unbelieveable: although the huffy only lasted 7 riders i think everyone was pleased at the performance. there were a few ties due to poor timing equipment, so at this point there are no official results, but everyone (but myself) had good showings in the 19-22 second range. i came in with a steller 26 seconds (safety is my middle name). after the bike crumbled and we were no longer able to ride it we decided we should throw it. this pleased the crowd. lee was the winner of the huffy huck, but becuase there was no tape measure the actual distence is unknown. but man, he threw that bike far. next was the scary jump of death. again i lost. and bad. i am so scared of everything, why i am such a cry-baby. anyway, as expected cole took this event by a long shot, and everyone cheered him on to his victorious victory.
the ride threw the city that followed was fantastic. we went to the costume contest in the central west end, then to u-city where megan and i broke off for a small party and everyone else cruised to north city for a big party. details, and possible guest author to follow. also i think there are a few pictures, which, hopfully, will also follow.
keep in mind, and tell your friends: full moon fiasco seven is wednesday november 16, 2005
hi-pointe (claytton and skinker) drinks at 10:00 or 10:30 ride at 11:00pm
be there, and be ready to rumble

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

to clear this all up.

well on halloween weekend, saturday to be exact, we are gathering for some sweet times. to be clear: saturday october 29, 2005 between 6:00pm and 6:30pm in the front parking area of ramp riders (selena and shannendoah in south city) we are meeting to have a good time. this night will include "the scary jump of death", tire-less bike racing, (a tire-less time trial unless someone has a second crappy bike we can use), then an out a back bike race. this race will start at ramp riders and go to a secret location (revealed at the starting line) and then back to ramp riders. this race will be a winner take all event (prize not yet determined) and the check point stop is mandatory for all finishers. after the race everyone has a couple choices: hardcore halloween at ramp riders, or there is a party that some folks will be pedaling to. so please come to this event, it will be fun. and just to clear it up: COSTUMES ARE MANDATORY!!!!!!!!!
i am also trying to squeeze in the arm wresting tourney, so bring your backwards hats and big biceps, because this is going to be ultra-sweet.
also, go to the bike rides mention in the last post. i am going to the stlfreeride ride friday night for sure, you folks should come with me.

Monday, October 24, 2005

hey, it's almost halloween!

hey, i have been getting a few e-mails lately about different bicycle related things this halloween weekend.

number one: an urban studio benefit ride from crown candy kitchen to route 66. this ride is saturday afternoon and has a sliding scale fee between 5 and 10 dollars. flyer attached for more details. click on it to make it bigger.

number two: is having a group ride and would like some FBCers to come along details at there website(listed under the links heading, just to your right). but i think it is friday night, soulard park, meet 8:30pm, ride at 9:30pm. and i pretty sure they welcome the boozin', so it will be our kind of ride.

number three: FBC halloween extravaganza! race, scary jump of death, tire-less bike racing, arm wrestling, awesome. all details to follow. check back.

do some of this fun shit.
when bike culture happens we all should support it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

best fiasco ever!

holy fucking shit FBCer's, that fiasco was amazing. i am at work and and it is the next morning and my head hurts, and when i woke up today i did have the shakes a little bit. but last night was worth it. lets recap: 65+ people (that is fucking great), all riding together. we did start a little fast, but soon after everyone got the idea and slowed down. just before the quick trip stop we did have the first fiasco pile up. caused by none other than candy john. (he may deny this, but multiple witnesses say he went over the bars and started the pile up, so come on john cop to it baby). we then had the quick trip stop. here is where the cops showed up. however, they did not hassle us, fucking amazing, they told us to pick up the cans we left in the parking lot, again, fucking amazing. we then reached our finale destination, crondolet park, where the first full moon fiasco crit took place. one lap, all left turns, winner take all (there were no real prizes, so in fact the winner got squat). three classes: fixed, single, geared. winners were as follows fixed: andy and his small front wheel. single: captain matt hoffmeyer. geared: peat "the big wiener" henry
after the race we chugged beer and relaxed all the while discussing just how bitchin' the fiasco was. then we left to go home. it was at this point that another fiasco first happened- jim puked. i know it sounds strange, but never before has anyone thrown up while fiascoing. and then a few minutes later he puked again, amazing. i think that cole might have also puked on the way home, but that is, as of blog time, only speculation.
fun had by all. beer had by many.
i would also like to say thank you to all the FBC members who contributed money towards spoke card and sticker fund, it is greatly appriciated.
next full moon fiasco is wednesday november 16, 2005. meet at the hi-pointe at 10pm for drinks, ride at 11.
from the fucking bike club
im out.


what a fiasco, jesus fucking shit> more to come tommarow, upon sobriety.
fuck, wow.

Monday, October 17, 2005

tonight, tonight, tonight, ummm hmm

we have quite a fiasco on our hands people, and there is going to be bike riding to boot. not since 1976 have we had a fiasco of such promise. the ride is going to be a little longer, and the drunks, a little drunker. and there will be fun had by all. please bring all of your friends, and anyone else who might want to come along. there will not be an intermediary bar stop, so you might want to bring provisions. and remember: safe bike riding and fun need not co-exist!
hi-pointe: 10pm drinks ride: 11pm
ps if you didn't know by now: hi-pointe= corner of clayton road and skinker

Thursday, October 13, 2005

halloween party! your damn right.

alright folks the ideas for halloween have been tossed around, and we have a race design. it will be a point to point, with a twist. there will be a stop between points. the start and finish will be announced before the race (check back in a day or so) but the stop will be revealed at the starting line. pre-race activities will include "the scary jump of death", tire-less bike racing, and some good ol' fashioned beer guzzeling. post-race activities to include an arm wrestling tournament, and an angry game a foot-down (no-touch as some of you like to call it). all followed by a super fun ride to a real party. so check back for more details. and remember the fiasco is monday october 17. meet at 10 ride at 11.

Monday, October 10, 2005

any of you folks want to help?

hey i got an email from somebody over at GORC (gateway off-road club) and them folks are cutting a couple new trails (southern IL i think....) and need some help. they are doing some bush-whacking and shit this saturday. go to their website for further info if you want to keep the mountain biking scene going it is a good time to help. if you don't care about the mountain biking scene it is a good time to sit around and get drunk. it is in your hands, make your decision wisely. call me if you want to get drunk.

Friday, October 07, 2005

critical mass?

did anyone go on CM last friday? was it cool? were there a lot of people? did the cops mess with you? what was it like? come on tell me. also, just a warning, the next fiasco might be a little longer than the previous rides, so you may want to bring a few libations with you. now i am not endorsing beer in the back-pack, but maybe it would be a good idea to throw a few beers in a back-pack.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

fiasco, indeed.

well we have been flyering extensivly and i hope to have a good turn out. there has been a team of FBCer's out on the streets passing out and hanging up the latest edition of the full moon fiasco flyer. we are hoping to reach a broader audience with this fiasco. as the weather turns colder i know that our numbers will dwindle, but i would like to keep the numbers high for the next couple of months. we also talked to the owner of the hi-pointe and she is on board, so hopefully the reletionship between the fucking bike club and the hi-pointe will become a fruitful one in the future.
also i am thinking that halloween would be a good saturday for an alley-cat. if anyone is interested in racing that saturday speak up and let me know. we would need to get a course set up soon.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

do you have a comment?

hey, i changed the settings for this blog. now anyone can comment, you do not have to be a member of blogger. this would be a very good place for people to pitch ride ideas, race ideas, and other shit. so post away.
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