Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Right for January

For the 46th month in a row The Fucking Bike Club had fun riding bikes under the full moon. That means FBC Full Moon Fiasco #50: FBC Prom, in May, is going to be our Golden Anniversary. Can you even imagine?! We might need to go ahead and form a prom planning committee right now.

As for last Saturday, sure, it was cold. It was cold enough to wear a ski mask without looking like a weirdo. It was cold enough to freeze the lens on my camera and numb toes. But it wasn't too cold to have fun.

Thanks to Off Broadway for waiving their cover charge and to residents of the small apartment at 11th and Allen in Soulard that let 45 Lifetime Members for Life in the FBC crash their party. We had a great time.

Also, cheers to the newly formed FBC Chicago who experienced their first Full Moon Fiasco under the same moon up in the Windy City.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Saturday Night

January 10th 2009 its Full Moon Fiasco #46. Meet at Turtle park around 10:30pm the ride leaves at 11pm sharp.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Another Thing We Did

If you've never spent a cold Sunday afternoon with 25 of your friends riding ten speeds around my parents neighborhood and shooting BB guns at water balloons hanging from strings, you should. That's what the FBC did on January 4th 2009. We called it the FBC Winter Biathlon.

In all, 24 Lifetime Members for Life in The Fucking Bike Club tested their lungs and their trigger fingers on a private drive in Ladue. We broke the field down into heats of three. In each heat, the racers did three laps of the neighborhood, after each lap they had to run down my parents driveway and attempt to shoot a water balloon hanging from a string in the backyard from a shooting station on the patio. If they hit the balloon the racer could then run back to their bike and do another lap. The person to do three laps and pop three water balloons in the shortest amount of time was the winner.

That person was me. But in the interest of full disclosure, I also designed the race, live on the race course and tested the BB guns. So maybe there should be and asterisks by name in the official results. At least I didn't give myself a prize. (My little brother gave it to me. And it was one of my beer coozies that he spray painted gold and presented to me).

As we all know, worrying about who won and lost FBC related races is only useful if you are studying for an upcoming FBC trivia night. The important thing is that everybody had fun. I'm pretty sure they did. I know that they ate all the chili.

Here are the results complete with asterisks.

1st: Lee* 7:18
2nd: Cole 7:42
3rd: Brian 7:56
4th: Lirch 8:03
5th: Marty 8:09
6th: Francis 8:12
7th: Lucky 8:16
8th: John P. 8:25
9th: Blake 8:33
10th: Dante 8:33
11th: Frye 8:34
12th: Natalie 8:52
13th: Young Sam 8:58
14th: Double K 9:02
15th: Manfred 9:27
16th: Andy (Butch) 9:35
17th: Monica 9:45
18th: Mark (Dad)9:46
19th: Charlie 9:54
20th: Seth 9:58
21st: Matt D 10:13
22nd: Trent 10:32
23rd: Karl 10:56
24th: Zeke 10:57

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