Monday, June 08, 2009

An Open Letter To All Lifetime Members For Life

I’ll start this by saying that I love the FBC. I do. My first ride was 10/06 and I’ve been riding when I can ever since. I just wanted to say that last night was the first time that I’ve gone home from an FBC full moon fiasco without the feeling of being a part of something great due to the actions of several folks. Please let me make it clear that the organizers do a phenomenal job of keeping things loose and letting the group police themselves. I understand that when you get THAT many people together there are bound to be a couple of jerks – hey it takes all kinds! – but that tribe appears to be growing in number and when their actions jeopardize the fun, safety, and potentially the future of the group I think something needs to be said.

FBC has grown to be massive. Huge. But we aren’t the only people on the road and in the interest of keeping the peace between motorists and cyclists (FBC or otherwise) shouldn’t act like it. Although many people were reminded over and over (and over) again to stay in one lane, I watched as cars would creep along trying to pass the group and riders would just stay dead center in the left lane as if there wasn’t a car there at all. MO state law says a group of cyclists can legally take A lane. One lane. The one on the right. It’s pretty generous of them and not that hard to do on our part.

Overheard: “I actually like pissing cars off.” Wow. Wrong attitude. You are a jerk. Take it somewhere else.

When we get to a landing spot PLEASE pick up your trash. I watched a guy set his beer can on the ground, stomp on it and walk away from it. *boggle* Please have some respect not only for our fine city, but for the people that don’t want to see the FBC get a bad wrap for stuff like that and take the time to pick up after you. A couple of kind souls took the time to clean up your mess.

That’s not to say everyone sucks. It is still awesome and uplifting to see the majority of folks help out with a flat, warn about potholes, grates and traffic, and generally look out for each other (which reminds me: I really hope the fellow that bonked his head after the parked-car crash is alright). It’s that consideration and brother/sisterhood that makes the FBC great, something to keep coming back to and something to be proud to be a part of.

Please just practice Common Sense and Common Courtesy. Remember that we are all in this together together; geared, fixed, single speed, on foot or motorized. Your actions help shape the way that St. Louisans view cyclists of all kinds so please do your part to keep it friendly and safe. Take care of one another, be respectful, HAVE FUN and let’s have another 51 great full moon fiascos.

-Lifetime Member

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Don't forget about Full Moon Fiasco #51 on Sunday June 7th. Meet at Turtle Park around 10:30pm. The ride leaves at 11 sharp!
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