Friday, December 02, 2005

full moon fiasco=poker ride

hey, here is a good idea- the next full moon fiasco is going to be a poker ride. for those that have never done a poker ride the rules are as follows: at the first stop (the hi-pointe) everyone will be issued one card from a standard deck. then there will be four quick stops at four seperate locations (bars, parks, street corners, etc...) and at each stop every person will be issued another playing card. at the end of all the stops the person with the best hand wins the prize. the best hand will be based on the first print-out i can find through googling "poker hands"
the stops have not been totally figured out yet, but due to weather and time constraints they probably wont be too far apart. maybe 1.hi-point 2.mcgees 3.worlds fair pavilion 4.rosies 5.blueberry hill but who knows, a lot can change in two weeks.
to recap: full moon fiasco = poker ride
leaves 11:00pm sharp!
thursday december 15, 2005
the hi-pointe
meet at 10 or 10:30 for pre-ride libations


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