Sunday, December 11, 2005

Midnight Mystery Ride is no Fiasco

hello fucking friends!

friday night christine and i tagged along on portlands monthly midnight mystery ride. it was no fiasco that i can say for sure. they start their rides at a different bar every month and this month it start at the "world famous" kenton club, a bar not unlike bob's country bunker from the blues brothers. the highlight of the night was definately the band at the kenton club . it was a cover band that exclusively covered the rolling stones, led zepplin, and ACDC with the skill and grace of 5 eighth grade boys. the icing was that everyone in the band was at least 45 years old and apparently playing their first gig. the lead singer, when covering the stones, put on a shiny gold blazer and jagger swaggered around the empty bar pushing out his lips. the basist who had a wireless amp setup that was clearly not functional (read: he was not contributing ANY SOUND to the band) didnt seem to care and just danced around with his axe trying to psyche up the 11 people in attendence.

after witnessing "69 Camaro" (name made up by author) the ride was a total let down. the leader apparently had no idea where he was taking us and we ended up cruising around north portland's neighborhood roads never finding another open bar or liquor store. to sum up, the FBC could teach those mystery riders a thing or two about drunken late night bike rides. and if your looking for a band for your future wedding i could probably put you in touch with 69 camaro.



Blogger fucking bike club said...

that sounds sweet, i wish i could have been there.
to bad you are going to miss the fiasco, it is going to be really good. i hope for your sake it doesn't snow.

December 11, 2005 5:34 PM  

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