Monday, January 02, 2006

the results/recap

well what a fucking day the first was. it was unbelievable. thrills and spills. cops and mudding. winners and losers. changes in plan. a roaring crowd. we had everything
as one o'clock approuched there were only two cars present, and the crowd was thickening. i was nervous. staring time struck and three cars were there. then rolling in 35 minutes late the todoraviches and bearded john showed with the last three cars. we had all six ready to rumble. jake with his military paint job 4-wheeler, cole on the gold cinder blocked pedal car, lee and jeff in the death wagon, peat and sandbox on the minimalist three wheeler, bearded john with his moped/shopping cart hybrid, and me and ben on "el presidente." we had a brief introduction of cars and were all set to race, then the fuzz showed up. the police had recieved a report of a "muddy red pick-up truck recklessly driving through the grass near the worlds fair pavilion" officer friendly saw what we were about to do and shut us down. no ammount of asking would have let the race proceed as planned. so we said screw it and pushed off to the grass hill on the other side of the pavilion.
although the cars were not designed for off road use the racing was fun anyway.
sandbox and peat took the first heat with a come from behind win over bearded john.
jake and micky easily took the win off of lee and jeff because the death wagon literally snapped into two pieces half way down the hill.
cole beat ben and i in a very slow contest, both cars were not meant to be in muddy grass at all, and it showed. the slowest race of the day by far.
round two: peat/sandbox and jake/mickey easily took the top two spots and cole barely finished.
the final round was decided by 6 inches. a very fast run, weaving in and out of trees, and a late burst by peat and sandbox. thrills people, straight thrills. but three wheels are clearly not better than four.
to announce the winner JAKE in the green lawn mower/wheel-barrow took the victory. however with the change in course he had to take on a pusher/passenger/partner. mickey was the walk-on co-champion. and as there prize the beautiful trophy (courtesy of lee) and the coveted 12 pack of pabst (courtesy of the FBC). we are all proud of our champs, way to bring it home boys.
bye bye


Anonymous LEE said...

Hands down the coolest FBC event yet! The future's so bright im going to steal coles American flag budweiser shades.

January 03, 2006 9:34 AM  
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