Saturday, July 15, 2006

Why Can't It Be a Full Moon Every Night?

A Summer Time Underwear Pool Party really was a matter of desinty for The Fucking Bike Club. We set a new attendance record, at least 75 people, probably more. We looked fantastic in out underwear. We ate delicious donuts. We met Brian's Mom and she hosed us down. We Jumped a fence, did cannonballs and made the greatest whirlpool some apartment complex in Shrewsberry has ever seen. We rode 22 miles with 2X4's, quart cans and 40's. We saw Peats ass and Meister's junk. One FBCer rode naked... IN WEBSTER GROVES! Du-rag drove from three and a half hours from Springfield, MO on ten minutes notice. Sean broke the hearts of a couple of Southside girls in a Fast and Furious Honda Accord. We jumped a fence, jumped it back, saw the fuzz and rode right past them.

Three Cheers for Saddlebags Brian for the route idea and destinations. If anyone else has any bright ideas for a Fiasco, or a race, or any FBC event, or is interested in posting on the website please let us know.

The Fucking Bike Club will never die!


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