Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The F.B.C. is F.U.N (re-continued)

Farther down the Riverfront Trail Scott gets his third flat tire. This occurs right along side a pumping station. An intrepid few FBCers cross the bridge to the pumping station to explore. They discover a retarded beaver. Everyone else joins them to investigate. John says "somebody grab a basketball. I know where a retarded beaver lives." Saddlebags and i decided this is one of the funniest things we have ever heard. Peat climbs down a ricketey 30 foot ladder. he finds a long stick and pokes the retarded beaver. The beaver (according to Peat) makes a noise.

We make foreward progress on the Riverfront Trail. At a break neck pace make it the 11 miles to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge and their beautiful rest area with three porto-johns. This is the whole gang except for myself (behind camera) and Chris (probably vomiting some where). Some nerdy recreational cyclist couple joins us at the rest area. The man immeadiately is interested in Cole's track bike and asks about it. His wife asks if it has brakes. Cole responds that it does not. The wife asks who rides in front of him and then laughs at her own joke. We all laugh inappropriatly loudly.

A quick stop at the world renowned Anal Motel.

Scott has two more flat tires before we finally reach Fast Eddie's. The crew is already drunk on the nectar of a job well done... and Sparks Black.

The Fucking Bike Club eats.

The Fucking Bike Club drinks.

The Fucking Bike Club is merry.


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