Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The F.B.C. is F.U.N. (re-continued again)

After having our fill of salty meats, ICE COLD beers, dancing, shouting, screaming WINE-COLA!, watching John hit on older women, teaching the bartenders about King Deweys, making friends, getting wierd looks, eating more and being totally awesome, we remounted our rigs and made our way to Scott and Kirsten's house in Wood river.

On the way to Wood River, Andy and John got seperated from the rest of the crew. They stumbled their way into a thong underwear contest at a local bar. They did not participate. They did however see many people participating. Upon leaving the thong contest John got a flat tire. His tire was puntured by a nail. The nail was so large that it hit the frame of his bike when his wheel rolled.

In the meantime, those of us that made it to Scott and Kirsten's house procurred more beer. We also procurred Red Wine and Coke. We bought bags of ice. We made WINE-COLA!.

The Fucking Bike Club had fun.


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