Friday, July 28, 2006

Boppin' across Missouri.

Wednesday morning Peat and I moved a couch for my girlfriend's mom. Afterwards we had a beer in the driveway. Peat said "Stepanie and I are going to columbia tonight to see the Ditty Bops show and then im going to ride to St. Louis with them tommorow. You guys want to go?"

Ten minutes later Peat, Cole, Stephanie and I were on our way to Columbia.

We got into Columbia a little later than expected and we're just in time to catch the second half of the Ditty Bops' set. We learned that the ride was leaving at 7:00am the next morning and then had a fucking delicious pizza. We got some beers and Stephanie dropped hers. Then we layed in puddles of our own sweat and waited for it be 6:00am.

6:00am came and was quickly followed by orange juice, eggs, hashed browns, stale bagels and sunblock application. we were on our way.

Some of you already know that Peat, Cole and I are already familiar with the Kaity Trail and we do not exactly have a great relationship. But this time around we fared much better with lighter bikes and MUCH less shit strapped to them.

Abbey and Amanda (The Ditty Bop's) have been riding there bikes from show to show since May. They started in Los Angeles, rode up the coast to San Fran and then accross the entire western part of the US. They aren't Stopping until they reach the East Coast. They are skinny little bad asses!

This the Kaity Trail

The Fucking Bike Club has fun with The Ditty Bops in North Jefferson MO.

Peat caught a toad.
I got stung by a bee.
We rode 80 miles.
We all got sore asses.

Check out for the Ditty Bops' side of the story.


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