Monday, November 27, 2006

Cold Ride For Cold Beer

The Fucking Bike Club's Cold Ride For Cold Beer gets off the drawing board and on to the streets of Southern Illinois this saturday (dec 2nd) at noon. Meet up at the Turtle Park around 11:30 we are leaving promptly at noon. The ride to Fast Eddies Bon Aire is about 35 miles but the beer is less than 32 degrees. After we've had our fun with Fast Eddie, its a camp out/camp in the garage of Kirsten and Stinkerbells house followed by the equally awesome ride back the next morning.

This is a long ride so please bring what you need to keep your bike rolling the whole way there and back. Don't be like Scott and learn to change a flat tire (oh snap!) before you attempt to cross state lines on your two wheeler.

You should get home with enough time to take a shower before covering your bike in lights and mounting up for the Full Moon Fiasco #20: Ride To The Light: Another Fesitivis Miracle on Monday Night.

You'd be a fool to miss any part of it.

If you will be attending please give Scott and Kirsten a heads up so they can know how many people will be sleeping in their garage. Scotts Myspace name is SOS. Check The FBC's top eight.


"Somebody get a basketball, I know where a retarded beaver lives."


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