Monday, September 12, 2005


well the race is over. the great rave around forest park is done. we have a winner, and we have a loser. we have eleven or so people in the middle with nothing.

however the excitment was in the air.
la mans start, one lap, no holds barred, megans birthday
the only rule was that you had to stay within one foot of the paved bike path. a rule that would later prove very important.
the winning time was 16minutes 21seconds by steven followed very closely by peat, however bopt of them strayed off the path at the finish line, not crossing within the one foot rule, six seconds back was lee to take the win on a technicality.
results: steven (DQ)
peat (DQ)
candy john
as far as the birthday celebration goes, megan had a decent showing, first in womens eleven overall. not bad.


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